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Congratulations to Anthony Bourdain and the No Reservations Crew

September 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Emmy Award Celebration - I'm guessing drinking was involved.

DearĀ  Chef Bourdain;

Congratulations to you and your crew for winning the Primetime Emmy for “Outstanding Cinematography For Nonfiction Programming“! Given your propensity for mentioning the many awards you’d like to win, I’m sure this win was a happy moment for you and all the crew at Zero Point Zero. What’s next after Fellini-esque black and white and trippy shit with the Queens of the StoneĀ  Age? Kabuki in Tokyo? (You’d look great in all that face-paint.) How about an all-pantomime episode in France?

Further congratulations on getting your own publishing imprint at HarperCollins! So you get to pick, edit and publish three to five books a year? Hey – who’s got a left arrow and likes to write?

This Guy. <—

Just sayin’, Chef.


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