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Reading the Book

Dear Chef Bourdain;

Thanks to the good graces of Amazon, I got the hardbound edition of your book delivered to my house yesterday. In the evening, and when inevitably I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t get back to sleep, it made good reading.

Initial observations – I’m going to be eating a crapload of mussels, apparently. You have at least five recipes for mussels. I think that’s going to be the hard part for me, since I don’t really like mussels, and vaguely fear them- my mother developed a spontaneous and deathly allergy to them in her 30’s, despite loving them all her life. But I’m in this to follow through, dagnabbit, so mussels I shall eat.

On another note, Chef – I’ll be quoting your book here, but I’m not going to reproduce your recipes in whole. There’s the obvious legal reasons; while quoting for the purpose of criticism is clearly “fair use” and legal – flat out copying them  isn’t criticism, it’s just reproduction.  (Not that kind of reproduction, sicko.) Also, I figure it’s probably  not just you, Chef Bourdain, that’s reading this. Actually, I figure you’re not reading this at all. Who, then, am I talking to? Mysteries abound. Maybe I’ll start calling the dog “Chef Bourdain” and just solve the problem!

Anyway, to anyone else who is reading this and following along – get the book! Here it is, Les Halles Cookbook, on Amazon.com. Either that, or contrive to have yourself invited over for dinner. I understand the cook takes good wine as bribes.

Next up, I’m going to talk about knives, as well as start to pick my first few recipes and look for ingredients.



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