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Carmageddon Bourdain-a-thon menu

July 12, 2011 1 comment

Dear Chef Bourdain;

So I combed through the Good Book and came up with enough recipes that if I finish them all this weekend, I’ll be in a good situation to finish the rest on time. If you’ll recall, L.A. will be paralyzed by the horrors of velociraptors stalking the freeways the closure of the 405.

Here’s the list:

Soupe au vin 49

  • Salad nicoise
  • Celery remoulade
  • Moules a la portugaise
  •     ” Basquaise
  •     ” Grecque
  • Foie GRAS au pruneaux
  • Petatou
  • Fish Basquaise
  • Veal Viennese
  • Daube provencale
  • Cote de porc
  • Pommes fondants
  • Sauce béchamel
  • Lapin aux olives
The final one depends on my lovely wife actually getting out to Super King in the valley this week. If not, it may be replaced or removed. I know that’s a lot of cooking, but I tried to pick things that had similar ingredients for ease of prep.
For locals, stop by any time – there will be something on to try, and something to cook if you want to try your hand! Also, drinking. Also, watching No Reservations.
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